Runnning a report – a guide for ARIS beginners

I recently had to enable a new team on ARIS for a project. One of the initial questions was how to run a report on their models, so here goes.


To run a report on ARIS, you have to consider the context of the script. This means that you have to know what to run the report on. ARIS reports can be run from the Database, Groups (folders), Models or Objects. Administrators can run reports on Users and filters too. The ARIS report scripts that is enabled for the selected context only is shown. In other words if your context (selected content) is an EPC model you will only see reports that is available for EPC models or all model types and if your context is a Function object you will only see the reports that is available for Function objects or all object types. These settings are set by the developer of the report to make the report safer to run.

Running a report

startReport To run a report, select the correct context then right-click on it -> Evaluate -> Start report. You can also use the ribbon toolbar, by going to the Evaluate tab and selecting the “Run report ” button. runReport



Choose the script category -> and then the report you want to run.
choose cat and report






optionsSelect the output settings required for the report. Taking note of the output location and the output format.  


General information

All scripts are different, and may or may not contain pop-up options while the script is being run. Read the instructions carefully for the current report execution.

The report output should open automatically, but in the event it does not, look for the output in the specified folder in the output options. Be mindful that some report scripts are used as utilities and updates the ARIS content instead of producing a report, these should always be used with care and not used if not understood as any changes can not be undone.

The same procedure can be used to run Macros, just choose the correct options when you start on your context. Choose “Run Macro” instead.

Good luck, please post comments if you feel I missed something or to request a new topic.

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