How you can load an ARIS script on ARIS 9.x without technical know-how

Administration tabLoading ARIS scripts in ARIS 9 will require an ARIS Architect client license. Once you have loaded the client (and configured the user’s license), you will need to open an “Administration
” tab.

New CategoryIn the administration tab you can navigate to the “Evaluations\Reports” section. You will find all of the report categories that are currently available under reports. You can view the report categories as a collection of reports that may fall under the same category or type of report. You can also create your own categories by right-clicking on the main category and to choose “New category” from the selection options.

Import ScriptBy right-clicking on the category you can create a new report with the Report wizard, or alternatively write a custom javascript to create the required report. You can also import a backed up script file when you choose the “Import” option. This will alow you to browse to where the .arx file is saved.

Once you have created/imported the report script you will be able to run it on the content intended for that script.  The script is configured to run on a type of content or a specific one within the type. Scripts can be run on the following types of content:

  • Filters
  • Database
  • Group
  • Model (or selected model types)
  • Object (or selected object types)

The report script will also be configured to enable specific output file types. They can be:

  • Rich Text Format
  • Word (docx or doc)
  • Open Document Text
  • PDF
  • HTML
  • Txt
  • Excel
  • XML

It often happens that once scripts have been loaded that people do not find the report on the selected content, or that they are not aware of what content the script needs to be run on. That is why it’s important for you to be aware of the context of any report to be able to use it.

2 thoughts on “How you can load an ARIS script on ARIS 9.x without technical know-how”

  1. Hello Francois,

    Do you have any information, blog post or knowledge as to whether my old VBScript reports are able to be imported and ran into ARIS 9?

    Kind regards

    1. Hi Georg,

      To convert old VB scripts can be done. On the older versions of ARIS you had the option to import the VB script, when doing so it would ask if you would like to convert it. That said, it is very possible that the VB script contains commands that is not supported by JavaScript, these are especially true for scripts that accessed the file system.
      You are welcome to send me your VB script, I can have a look and inform you how feasable the conversion would be. I have converted multiple scripts for my clients, even ones where file system access is required.
      You can send it to
      Thank you,

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