How to change multiple ARIS object’s attributes to a specified value

One of my clients recently asked me how to set an attribute for around a 150 objects to the same value. In this case it was a drop-down list value. Both of us have a long history with ARIS, so our first thoughts went to try using the process generator(PG), but for some reason the PG did not want to work. We assumed that it is because of the Excel version he used.

After about a week, one of my colleagues reminded me about the built in Attribute Wizard in ARIS. By selecting the objects you want to update, you can right-click on the objects and choose Attribute Wizard from the menu. The wizard steps you through some options and in the end updates your object attributes with the value specified.

Attribute Wizard


Attribute Wizard act

We both felt a bit silly afterwards and even though a very simple solution was available, we forgot about it, so I hope by writing this it will help someone else too.

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