How to automate ARIS database backups

Today we will look at automating the backups on ARIS with step by step instructions as well as a Windows batch file to run the task on a scheduled basis.

The backup scripts available  will create a new folder in the backup folder with today’s date. All of the backups will then be placed in the date folder. This way you can have backups for every day without having to overwrite the previous day’s backup.

The instructions provided will work for ARIS 7 and ARIS 9. There are a few differences between the two that we will highlight.

Steps to follow:

  1. Copy the batch file to the correct folder.
  2. Configure the batch file to fit your environment and settings.
  3. Configure the Windows scheduler to automate the running of the batch file.


  • Access to the ARIS server
  • Basic batch file knowledge

To start off, you need to answer these questions:

  1. What is the server name?
  2. Where should the backups be saved? This location on the server or shared drive needs to be created before using the backup script.
  3. What port is configured for the server? (ARIS 9 only)
  4. The tenant? (ARIS 9 Only) – normally “default”
  5. Username and password to use. (ARIS 9 only)

Useful information:

Location for the batch file:

  • ARIS 9:
    [ARIS Install folder]\ARIS9.5\tools\ArisAdm
    Exe: arisadm90.exe
  • ARIS 7:
    [ARIS Install folder]\ARIS7.2\JavaClient
    Exe: ArisAdm72.exe

Step 1: Copy the batch file to the appropriate folder

Download and unzip the batch files and copy the batch file for your ARIS version to the correct folder as shown above.

Download here (registration required)

Step 2: Configure the batch file to fit your environment and settings

Depending on your ARIS version you will need to configure the batch file with the information provided in the answers to the questions above. The date will be set using the format configured on the Windows settings. You can override the format by using the examples provided in the batch file (you will need basic Batch file skills).

Edit the .bat file using a text editor like Notepad. Insert the values for your server environment in the section

After changing the settings I recommend that you test your settings by running the batch file in the command prompt so that you can see the output and any possible error message it might have.

Step 3: Configure the Windows scheduler to automate the running of the batch file

You can then add the batch file to the Windows Task Scheduler at the required interval.

7 thoughts on “How to automate ARIS database backups”

    1. Hi,

      You can use the batch system to resore databases.

      You will have to change the command used where the backups are created.
      You can use the command:
      restore | [] [overwrite] [noconfirm]
      archive = adb file (choose one)
      archivedir = directory where adb files are (choose one)
      dbname = name the restored db should have (optional)
      overwrite = should an existing db be overwritten? Y/N (optional)
      noconfirm = should you need to overwrite do the user need to confirm Y/N (optional, but for batch should always be Y)

  1. Hi,
    I just wanted to add, that at least with the current Aris version ( 2014_01c (910881)) it is not possible anymore to overwrite an existing db (got it confirmed by the Aris Support Team). So you either have to restore it under a new name or delete the old one.
    br Jörg

  2. Hi

    Are you guys aware that, according to SAG, “An inconsistent database condition could happen when doing a backup of database when users are working on it and restoring that backup”?
    So I have a question – does anyone know how to prevent users from logging in while backup task is being performed?
    “Kill all” kills all current sessisons, but there might be new ones,
    Maybe, shutting down one of runnables could help?

    1. Hi Alexey,
      I agree that it could possibly cause some data issues, it should be unlikely as you are only reading data with a backup. I have made backups during the day with users online without issues. I normally schedule the automated backups for after 00h00 with the hope that no-one is online then. I guess doing it after the Kill all command would be a better option, even if after hours 🙂

      Thank you for your input, I will update the script to include the kill all command, maybe just to catch the users that left their PC on for the night 🙂


  3. Hello,

    I am novoice at Aris and i have just started to get my hands wet and in doing so i have been given the task to setup the backup !!

    I have downloaded your script in my endeavor to setup scheduled backup on my Aris 9.7 server, But i have a small issue.

    I am sure you can help me resolve it ?

    a) The instruction mentions to use the following folder and call the script
    “[ARIS folder]\ARIS9.7\tools\ArisAdmarisadm90.exe”” , BUT there is no such path and nor such script on the server.

    My Server path is like this :-
    C:\SoftwareAG\ARIS9.7\server and various sub folder like :-
    acc/, bin/, cloudagent/, conf/, doc/, icon/, jre/, lib/, logs/,

    Does the instruction differ for Aris 9.7 ?

    Please assist

    Thank you

  4. Hello Franco,

    I have done some changes to my configuration file and now i have different error, Please let me know what else needs to be done !!!

    I get the following on the screen after i execute the script !!!

    C:\SoftwareAG\ARIS9.7\server\bin\work\work_abs_m\tools\arisadm>arisadm -l “c:\Ar
    is_Backups\2015-11-23\arisbackup.log” -s MDARISDSG:90 -t default -u system manag
    er backup all c:\Aris_Backups\2015-11-23

    C:\SoftwareAG\ARIS9.7\server\bin\work\work_abs_m\tools\arisadm>if exist “C:\SOFT
    WA~1\ARIS9.7\server\bin\work\WORK_A~2\tools\arisadm\..\..\..\..\..\jdk\jre” GOTO

    C:\SoftwareAG\ARIS9.7\server\bin\work\work_abs_m\tools\arisadm>SET JAVACMD=C:\SO

    C:\SoftwareAG\ARIS9.7\server\bin\work\work_abs_m\tools\arisadm>GOTO :end

    .7\server\bin\work\WORK_A~2\tools\arisadm\..\..\..\..\..\jre\bin\java -cp lib/*;
    com.aris.modeling.client.arisadm.AArisAdm interactive
    use default charset for console(windows-1252;windows-1252)
    changed console output to encoding windows-1252
    ARIS Server Administrator, Copyright ⌐ 2014 Software AG
    No connection>
    The connection STOPS at the last line “No connection>” and keeps waiting continuously until and unless i press any key and then it repeats something similar again, But nothing gets done, EXCEPT the folder creation for the backup date !!!

    Please let me know what is wrong that i am doing !!

    Thank you for your time !!

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